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What are dementia Care and cause of dementia?

Elders care is not an easy task especially when the elder has dementia. Caring for someone who has dementia may be stressful and it is an emotional journey because their behavior changes suddenly. In this article, you are going to know about dementia and its cause as well.

What is dementia care?

Dementia actually refers to lots of diseases and it is the most common illness amongst elders. The symptoms of dementia are easy to analyze and there are various types of dementia like vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, front temporal dementia, and so on. Dementia has a wide variety of symptoms and some of the common symptoms are short term memory issues, and sudden behavior changes, etc. However, some people live many years with dementia and some of them live only sometimes it depends on which dementia your loved ones have. People who have dementia need extra care and elder care provides the best services and facility of your loved ones.

What is the cause of dementia?

Dementia occur cause of brain plaques that is a thick protein tangle, and this thick protein tangle has an Alzheimer’s contain. This plaque stops the nerves signal to reach the brain and encode new memories. Some types of dementia harm never cells and tissues. Vascular dementia occurs when blood flow decreased in the brain of the person. However, there are you will read some risk factors of dementia.

Alcohol consumption: this is the first cause because people get dementia. A person who consumes alcohol in so many amounts, they have dementia quickly. Cause of the alcohol the blood vessels of the brain can damage and it kills the brain tissues and cells. The cause of the alcohol consumption most common type of dementia that is korsakoff’s syndrome occurs.

Age: this is another risk factor of dementia is age. However, people who have over the age of 65 mostly face dementia. One of three senior has dementia that has over 85 years of age.

Family history: dementia occurs through family generation. The researcher has identified some genes like APOE4, which is the biggest cause of dementia. However, it is not sure that if your family member has dementia then everyone will get this disease.

Overall health: elders need to take a healthy diet, exercise to maintain weight. When people eat healthy so the risk factor of dementia decreases.

Why Dementia Treatment is important?

You can easily analyze the time when your loved ones or you need dementia treatment. Here you will read some symptoms that sign of dementia. The dementia has many symptoms and some of the short term memory, change behavior, pain, and many others then it is the right time when you need dementia care. When you take this care at right time then people get better care at the right time and your loved ones recover fast.

There are many types of dementia having and dementia treatment depends on the symptoms of the disease. The care provider provides care depends on its cause and reasons. However, there is no cure and no treatment is available that can stop and slow the progression of dementia. But many drugs and medication treatment is available that can temporarily improve symptoms and slow the process of dementia symptoms. The same medication is used for treating Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

How Elder care helps your loved ones

Elder care is really important for your loved ones if they have any disease and you do not have time to take care of them. Many people think that why they need elder care here you will know some points why you need elder care.

Support system: many people do not spend enough time with their elders because of office work and busy schedules in daily work and work commitment. When you select elder care then your loved ones get all support from basic to essentially such as cooking, shopping for daily groceries, exercise, a daily walk and visit the doctors and many more.

Visit the doctor on time: it is really important that one person carries the details of medical history, a dose of medication, etc. When you select elder care then one nurse always with your loved one and visit the doctor on time and carry medical history. 

Exercise and a healthy diet: when you select elder care so you get better care on time. The supportive staff of elder care provides food on time with all nutrition and also helps to go with a morning walk and ad talk with them and provide all answers to their questions. 

Which is the best Dementia care center in Delhi?

A much elder person needs more attention and care because they get disease quickly and behave like a child. But in case the elder face dementia they need extra care. People can easily search on the internet and select the care center. But if you select the wrong one then you don’t get better treatment and care. To get the best services and care for your loved ones, you need to select the best dementia care center in Delhi. In this article, you will know about the best dementia care center that is carestaymed. When you choose the best dementia care center then you get 24 hours supportive nurse and handle you in a better way. It is one of the best centers that care amongst all. When you select carestaymed center care then you get better treatment, support, services, safety and security, expert and well-trained team.

Take care of your loved ones with carestaymed.

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