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The guide to writing effective captions on Instagram

Although it is essential to offer quality photo & video content on Instagram, this is not why the legend should be overlooked.

The status that accompanies a photo posted on Instagram highlights the personality of your brand, adds context to the images, arouses additional emotion and invites your community to interact.

In this context, I offer 6 tips to follow now for writing your Instagram captions.

1) Be clear about your positioning

Before communicating on social media, you need to think about the values ​​you want to convey through your brand.

Then identify the adjectives that best describe your business: “curious”, “innovative”, “ecological”, “family”, etc. Use these terms in your captions to capture the attention of your followers and influence their perception of your brand.

Also, some brands will use to while others will prefer to It is therefore key to know your audience well.

The Abritel company is positioned in the vacation and travel sector. The objective of his Instagram account is to position himself as a partner for successful stays.

In the example below, the brand wants to make its followers want to have an aperitif on a beautiful sunny terrace, by writing a playful legend accompanied by a smiling smiley.

2) Integrate a call-to-action

Do you want to see your engagement rate skyrocket? Invite your readers to leave a comment, tag their friends, like the post, or submit their opinions. You will be amazed at how well this strategy functions!

Decathlon does not hesitate to ask questions to its community to encourage engagement. Here, the brand re-posts the photo of a client who rode a bike over the weekend, then asks their followers what they did on their side:

3) Bring interesting information

Keep in mind that most people view their feeds quickly. Therefore, favor a short legend. Just describe the context of the photo if the post speaks for itself.

In its Instagram publications, the Peppermint brand is concise and impactful. It describes in a few words the coating presented in the photo. We can see his legends as a kind of very brief product sheet.

However, if you feel there is an interesting story to tell, share it. Tell yourself that the content of your caption should add value to the image. Internet users will also enjoy reading an exciting story …

The Bouygues construction group does not hesitate to make relatively long legends to tell a story or promote a partnership, as in this example.

4) Insert a key phrase at the beginning of your legend

Legends are partially displayed in the user feed. This therefore implies inserting a catchy phrase from the start. Place your hashtags or @mentions at the end of the text.

This practice allows you to immediately grab the attention of readers and reach them quickly.

My Little Box begins its legends with a strong word, surrounded by emoticons, to immediately capture the attention of its followers. This is the case in this post where the brand begins with the term “Cultissime” which immediately challenges.

5) Use hashtags appropriately

According to a study by Simply Measured, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag get an average of 12.6% more engagement than those that do not.

The hashtags you use should resonate with your audience and increase your visibility to a qualified audience. However, avoid inserting too many as reading your captions will be difficult and difficult to understand.

To choose the right hashtags, I invite you to go to one of my old articles by clicking here.

6) Let yourself be tempted by the emoji’s

Do you hesitate to insert emoji in the caption of your photos? These icons can however strongly attract the attention of your community. Emoticons add a touch of personality to your legend and allow you to quickly pass information.

The Chef Club Instagram account specializes in creating quick recipes. The legend of each of its posts includes a title and the ingredients, always illustrated with emoticons. The user sees the main foods in the recipe at a glance, without having to read the status!

By applying these tips, your legends will support your visuals and help you better share your brand values, while generating engagement.

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