Stornia European flounder

Stornia European flounder

Scope of event

European banks of the Atlantic Ocean , Mediterranean , Baltic (to the focal piece of Bothnia Bay ), Black and White . Presented inadvertently (presumably hauled in the counterbalance water of boats) in the United States and Canada .

It lives at profundities up to 100 m. It streams into saline waters. He regularly meanders up the waterways.



Arrives at a normal of around 50 cm, most extreme 60 cm long. Lengthened body, not exactly a large portion of the tallness. Little mouth. Little scopes , some of them changed into unpleasant, bone plates, particularly sharp along the parallel line and at the base of the odd balances (a significant element that recognizes fumble from other flatfish). Eyes as a rule on the correct side of the body.

The upper side of the body is variable, from greenish or yellowish dim to brown with unevenly circulated red spots. Once in a while there are light orange spots covering the balances. Underside of white.


He drives a base up way of life. Youthful feed on tiny fish and hatchlings of creepy crawlies , the grown-up pierścienicami , molluscs , shellfish and little fish.



He arrives at sexual development in the third year of life. Before producing, it moves towards the vast ocean. It focuses on water with high saltiness and a temperature of 3-7 degrees C at a profundity of 30-300 meters. In the southern Baltic, bringing forth happens from March to May, in the Słupsk Gutter and in the profundities of Gdańsk , Bornholm and Arkona . The female lays somewhere in the range of 100,000 and 2,000,000 eggs. Incubating following 5-11 days. Hatchlings following bring forth are 2-3 mm long. At the point when they arrive at 7 mm, they start to change into a hilter kilter structure. At the point when they arrive at 1 cm, the eye is in the head. A few millimeter hatchlings swim to the banks, where they remain at medium profundities until winter. During this time further changes fit as a fiddle happen. In the southern Baltic, the fumble at 8 years old is on normal 35 cm long and weighs 600 g. It lives 8–9 years


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