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Some things that you should discuss with the Best Gynaecologist in Delhi

Many women hesitate to share their physical problems with their friends and family member. But it is essential that you share your all physical problems with your gynecologist. The gynae is one of the best options who provide you the best care and you feel comfortable with them. Many women think that why they need to visit gynecologist but when it comes to reproductive health and sexual health it is hard to understand what is right or what the cause of potential health problems is. Even if you feel embarrassed and hesitate about your certain physical problem after that your gynecologist sees and hear it all and helps you by giving the right treatment.

Here you will know some things that you should discuss with the best gynecologist in Delhi. So let’s start.

Painful periods: for many women, getting their periods is an unpleasant time. Some normal menstruation symptoms are headaches, cramps, and breast soreness. But some women get more pain rather than cramps. If you get painful periods so it can be a sign of uterine fibroids or endometriosis. In this situation, it is important that you should visit a gynecologist and talk to them about your problem.

Vaginal odor: a vaginal odor may be an uncomfortable topic for many women but it is essential to talk to your gynecologist if there is a fishy or foul smell. However, having odor in the vagina is normal but the changes or foul smell may be a sign of vaginal infection or bacterial overgrowth.

Sexual discomfort: it is crucial that talk to your doctor about sexual discomfort. Many women face vaginal dryness during intercourse. Another sexual discomfort is pain during sex. If you are facing pain during sex then you can try a different position and find one where you feel comfortable. But sometimes you need to talk to your doctor about this pain.

Fecal or urinary leakage: this is another point that you should discuss with your gynecologist. If you are having fecal or urinary incontinence so it can be stressful and take a toll on your quality life. Most of the women face this problem after childbirth especially in care when they had a large baby or a vaginal delivery needs a vacuum. You need to talk to your gynecologist they surely help you in this situation.

How you can find the best gynaecologist in Delhi NCR

Finding the best gynaecologist in Delhi NCR is not a cakewalk because when you select the wrong one then you do not get better treatment. To get the better and right treatment you need to select the right one. People get very confused when they select gynecologists because of so many options. Here we are to solve your problem or confusion. You just need to click on this link. When you click on this link then you can easily find the best gynecologist and make an appointment.

Know about the best gynecologist in south Delhi NCR- Dr. Sheetal Agarwal

If you are still in confusion and thinking which gynecologist is the best then just read this article further. In this article, you are going to know about the best gynecologist in south Delhi NCR that is- dr Sheetal Agarwal. She is the best gynecologist and obstetrician. She has completed MBBS from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of medical sciences, Wardha, in the year 1989. And completed DNB in 1995 and MNAMS in 1996 from sir Ganga ram hospital. She started her career with a senior residency in Safdarjung hospital New Delhi and currently she is working as a senior consultant in sama hospital and Apollo hospital.

How to select the best gynecologist in south Delhi

Above you have read about the best gynecologist in south Delhi but you should know some things about gynecologist. Here you will read some points that you should consider while selecting a gynecologist.

License and certification: it is a very important point that you should consider. You need to select a gynecologist which has license and certification by government. You can also see their training certificate.

Strong communicator: after license and certification, you have to consider that the doctor should have strong communication. Every patient wants that first doctor to listen to their problem then provide treatment. If you feel that the doctor ignores your problem and does not listen to you then don’t choose them.

Experience: this is another point that you should consider, the experienced doctor knows very well how to provide the right treatment and services of their patients. Dr. Sheetal Agarwal has up to 24 years of experience.

Reviews: when you select the doctor you should visit their website to read reviews about them. When you visit the website then you read their old patient reviews and know its treatment and services.

How Pregnancy and fertility Specialists help you?

If you have a fertility issue then you can visit a fertility specialist. They provide you better care and help you. The specialist performs test and know the exact problem of infertility and do your treatment. If you get pregnant through IVF treatment then the pregnancy specialist provides you pre and post-care. To get the better treatment you should select the doctor who is a specialist in various fields like a dr Sheetal Agarwal, she is the best pregnancy, fertility, and high-risk pregnancy specialists, etc.

To live a healthy life you need to take care of health as well.

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