Secure your business to spy WhatsApp of your employees

Business professionals are in panic and they want to make their business secure as much as possible. Modern technology providing plenty of advantages at the same time it has become vulnerable to business entities. Now, you may have a question in your mind that how is it possible? Yes indeed! It is possible these days because we have put everything in the cloud and it does not mean nothing can happen with it. Social networking apps are quite popular among business professionals for the sake of communication and to send and receive business-related documents. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers these days and it has become ideal platforms.

 Employers and employees used to do communicate with each other. They send and receive text messages, chat conversations, audio-video calls, sharing media files and Voice messages.

Why do business owners need to Spy WhatsApp to secure their business?

The Year of 2015 was disastrous for WhatsApp because the Electronic Frontier Foundation ranked the popular social networking app last. However, The European Court justice had ruled that the US technology companies are not serious about the protection of user’s data privacy.

 The lack of an adequate level of protection of the user’s private data has put the social messaging app last in the racking. If your employees are using instant messenger for business communication on the business owned cellphones and on tablets, you are letting people stealing and exposing your data to the fullest.

Apart from all the threats online and from within the business workplace communication is still on the go and that is devastating for businesses.

Use WhatsApp spy app tools to secure your business

There are following powerful tools of spy software for WhatsApp that empowers you to protect your business from disgruntled and rouge employees to the fullest. You can keep an eye on business-owned devices active with an instant messaging app.

IM’s logs

Business professionals can track instant messaging app logs using whatsapp spy app software web control panel.  Business owners can remotely get the logs from employee’s devices such as text messages, shared photos, videos, documents, audio-video call logs, chats conversations, and last but not least voice messages.

Screen recorder software

You want to see what your employees are doing on a business owned cellphone installed with instant messaging apps. You can perform a live screen recording of the target device active on the cellphone device. You can remotely record a short series of videos and deliver them to the dashboard. Employers can see live videos and keep digging out the activities of employees and catch dishonest employees.

WhatsApp screenshots

Employers can remotely capture screenshots of the target mobile device screen running with a social messaging app. you can schedule plenty of screenshots to get more information about employees’ activities on instant messenger.

Data backup

Let’s suppose your business has got a hit from hackers and from within the company’s workforce and you have lost plenty of data. Don’t worry cell phone monitoring software continuously creates data backup against every activity into its web portal. You can easily retrieve the data back and catch the culprit.

How to get WhatsApp monitoring app tool for business protection?

If you want to make sure that your data remain safe and no one can breach your communication from the web. Moreover, you don’t let any of your employees unveil your business secrets via WhatsApp then install a mobile surveillance app on the target cell phone. Employers should visit the web on their smartphone or PC and get access to its official webpage. Now get subscription online and get the credentials and take the employee’s mobile device into hands for a little while. Take a step ahead and start the process of installation and end up successfully. Now activate the web browser of the cell phone spying app and you will get plenty of tools mentioned above. Use these powerful tools via a web control panel and get the job done.


Spying app for WhatsApp is the only tool of its kind that enables the user to do surveillance on the instant messaging app running on employee’s devices for business safety.


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