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Instagram lesson: buying followers

Buy followers to get more offers. The internet is suffocating at the moment.
It seems so easy and challenging. But watch this out. It is simply not that easy.

It just depends on what intentions you are on Instagram. To want to have ‘many followers’.
Are you there for yourself, your hobby, for your brand (company or blog) or your ego?

The people I follow are generally runners and I follow them because I want to follow them. Not because they have many followers, but because I find the feed inspiring or because I have a connection with the people.

Companies enter into partnerships with people who have many followers.
And then an account with 10,000 followers looks more attractive, as an account with 100 or 1000 followers.

I fill my Instagram account with running – and (more and more) travel photos. I use it privately, but also as a brand, because: I maintain a blog and my own company.

For my blog, I like to have many followers on my Instagram account. But what’s in it if I buy followers and those followers aren’t real? They are empty accounts, so they do nothing for my account, they do not read my blog, do nothing.

When a company works with an account with many fake followers, this, of course, does not benefit the company at all. Quite a thing!

How do you recognize someone who is buying followers?

If the followers change drastically and become more in a very short time, make 1000 jumps for example. But the likes and comments remain the same.
There are many empty accounts between the followers, often Asian and/or Arabic. Profiles without a photo, for example, or who do not post anything themselves and follow a lot themselves.

Are the above criteria proof of buying followers?

No, not for everyone, of course. I almost dare to confirm those empty Asian or Arab accounts, that is simply not correct.
To say that someone gets too few likes for his number of followers is too easy, it depends on more things: the algorithm, shadowbans, own activity, use of the correct hashtags, whether you are also active on Facebook, have a blog; people are not going to like everything on all channels.

If you have any doubts about someone’s account, I would especially like to invite you to read my previous 2 Instagram lessons ( The algorithm and Shadowban ).

Whether I have been accused of buying Instagram followers? Luckily not! At least, not right in my face; ) but there will probably be people who (quickly) shout that when their own account / likes no longer grow quickly. Whether I have any doubts about accounts? New beginner accounts that grow so fast sometimes yes. But if I make time for that to check, eh no; )

My blog has been around for 4 years (!) And I have been on Instagram for 3 years, there is a lot of work and I do not have so many followers. Maybe I should be a bit more active in this I think. Matter what you want. I prefer to have a lot of visitors to my second child, my blog. Reading the statistics, it is still growing every month.

It is a pity that accounts that followers buy take away nice assignments from accounts that work hard for their followers.

Be warned, if it ever happens that you have ever bought followers, it damages your image, your brand, you don’t want that, do you ?!


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