How to Register Private Nameservers on GoDaddy [Complete Guide to Setup]

GoDaddy provides various types of web hosting services. The Private DNS service is available for all clients with every type of web hosting plan. Register private nameservers on GoDaddy is very simple or a few steps process.

The default register private nameservers for your cheap website hosting account have the following structure:

  1. ns1.servername.tld
  2. ns2.servername.tld

When you use a private DNS at that time your name server will look like this:


When you purchase a web hosting account from any web hosting service provider, at that time you upload your files to their server and then you can manage your domain name to it.

After that, they give you their name servers and now you should set your domain name which looks as follows. Almost all register web hosting private nameservers or GoDaddy private nameservers registration having the same process.

This register private nameserver will make assurance in your clients and take your brand to another level.

Register Private Nameservers could be useful if you want to resell web hosting services or you want to brand your business. 

When you using private DNS and if you want to migrate your domain name from one server to another, then there is no need to change any nameserver. 

At that time the domain name will automatically point to the new private nameserver location.

How to set up Private Name servers at GoDaddy?

If your domain name is registered with GoDaddy web hosting services and if you want to use private name servers such as: 

Then you have to register the DNS services before it can be used with any of your domains. When you try to assign private DNS to any of your domains and in case you do not register with GoDaddy then you will get an error.

Once your best cpanel reseller hosting account is set up, you will get a welcome email with 2 IPs assigned by GoDaddy for your name servers.

Now you should register both name servers and IPs with GoDaddy.

Process of Register Private Nameservers on GoDaddy:

When you are going to register your private name server with GoDaddy then you need to follow below steps:

  1. First, you need to login to your GoDaddy Account Manager.
  2. Now click on Domains, and after that click on Launch.
  3. Now you need to click on your domain name that you would like to register nameservers for.
  4. On the bottom left there is the option ‘Host Summary’. Now click on (add) under Host Summary.
  5. For “Host Name:” provide input “ns1” in the box.
  6. For “Host IP 1:” give input your primary nameserver IP address
  7. Click on “Ok” tab – Now your first nameserver has been created.
  8. Now click on add option under ‘Host Summary’ on the bottom left again.
  9. For “Host Name:” you will need to input “ns2” (no quotes) in the box.
  10. For “Host IP 2: you will need to input the secondary IP, that you received in your welcome email.
  11. Now click “OK”.

To Edit Previously GoDaddy Private Nameservers Registration:

If you have set up your private name servers for your Domain Name Server, then also you can edit your hostname and add or edit IP addresses.

When you are going to edit previously register GoDaddy private nameservers at that time you should be cautious and verify your settings before saving changes.

  1. First, log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Next, go to Domains option and click on Launch button.
  3. Now click on the domain name that you want to edit.
  4. Next to “Hostnames” now click on the “Manage” option.
  5. Next to the Hostname, you need to click on the Edit option.
  6. Now make any changes that you want to make, and then click on Edit.

To make any DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to deliver. This means that your web hosting or other domain features may not be work during the generation period.more?


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