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Discover how to make money with your YouTube channel

Do you wonder how to make money with a YouTube channel and do not know how to start?

Are you one of those people who want to make videos and would like to learn how to get visibility?

How to bring in cash on YouTube by transferring recordings?

  1. Create an account and allow monetization.
  2. Sign up for Google AdSense.
  3. Use the YouTube Keyword suggestion tool to find phrases and ideas for your videos.
  4. Create original content consistently.
  5. Promote your videos on other social networks.

Keep reading because I will explain in more detail the best alternatives to monetize your channel.

I am not telling you anything new if I assure you that YouTube is the best platform in the world and not only is it the best platform in the world, in fact, it is the best in all of history.

It is not an exaggeration when I assure you that millions of people watch videos daily to entertain themselves, learn or watch movies to give you some examples.

The point is that YouTube is a social network with tremendous potential and that, therefore, many entrepreneurs earn money.

It only takes knowing the richest Spanish youtubers to realize it.

But of course, from here a world of alternatives opens up, where not everyone follows the same procedures to earn money.

Basically because perhaps in your case:

  • You want visibility to improve the traffic of your website with YouTube.
  • You have an online store and you want to improve sales through YouTube.
  • You want to open a channel for a specific niche.
  • You are looking to become famous and earn as much money as possible on the platform.

Curiously, although the purpose of all channels is the same, that is, to obtain visibility by making videos, make money on YouTube depending on which cases it may vary exponentially.

And you have to be clear about this because it is not the same to seek visibility to sell products from your store, improve traffic to your website or work in a specific niche, then to seek fame and earn money exclusively on the platform.

If you already know what you are looking for on YouTube, we can go to the next step.

But what now?

How can you make money on YouTube?

What steps to take to monetize your channel?

These are natural questions and those of us who have a channel have asked ourselves some time.

Now, of course, it’s up to you.

And you need help.

That is why this post is because it is simply its purpose.

Better let’s get fully into the subject and discover the steps to make money on YouTube.

Creating personal brand is key in how to make money on your YouTube channel

The personal brand is everything and if it is not everything, it is almost.

Having a brand inspires confidence in others, your words are more convincing and you can do a real business if you know how to take advantage of it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or a YouTube, the purpose is the same.

In the blogging world, who does not know Dean Romero, Chuiso, Carlos Bravo or Alex Navarro?

In all probability the vast majority of people.

And in the YouTube world, who doesn’t know elrubiusOMG, AuronPlay, David Cantone or Romuald Fons?

Surely, most people do too.

What do all bloggers and youtubers agree on?

That after their brand, they make money.

If they also do a good SEO, it is more than evident that the income can skyrocket exponentially.

Think that you will have a huge competition that seeks exactly the same as you.

Therefore, differentiating with the brand and creating a community around it takes time, Buy YouTube Views it is essential help to make money on the platform.

From here you need to have perseverance, perseverance, invest money in advertising if you have the possibility to do it and have an open mind for new challenges and experiences.

Open your mind to listen to advice or constructive criticism to improve with YouTube.

However, there is a question that you are surely asking yourself: what alternatives are there to make money on YouTube?

If you were wondering, don’t worry, I’m telling you right now.


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