Dietary supplements For Hair loss

Seasonal hair loss, dull and brittle hair … To make our hair stronger, shinier, more beautiful, we can use food supplements.

The dietary supplements can affect the beauty of hair. However, Olivia Sciarrone, Forcapil product manager, warns us straight away:

 there are two ways to understand the vitality of hair.

“Either we seek to have beautiful hair, more flexible, more resistant, shinier; or we seek to stem a fall of hair a little more important than normal”, she explains. Depending on what one seeks to treat, one does not use the same food supplements.

Dietary supplement For Female Hair:

A dietary supplement based on omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and antioxidants is effective curbs hair loss in women.

After puberty, women tend to lose hair. This cosmetic problem could be solved with dietary supplements: in an article in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, French, Italian and American researchers show that a combination of omega-3, omega-6 and antioxidants is beneficial against hair loss in women.

Hair loss in women is an accelerated aging process in which the environment of the hair follicles is modified by various factors, hereditary, inflammatory, hormonal or vascular. Hair loss in women can also increase in certain circumstances: taking drugs, stress, weight loss or after birth.

Dietary supplements for hair:

Sulfur amino acids to fight against hair loss

“We lose on average between 70 to 100 hairs per day, explains Olivia Sciarrone. Beyond that, we have a hormonal problem which cannot be solved simply thanks to food supplements”. There are also seasons during which the hair is weakened: in autumn a lot, and in spring, a little.

Olivia Sciarrone recommends, to take care of her hair, to take food supplements containing sulfur amino acids. “The hair is mainly made of keratin. We can bring it directly, but only if it is bioavailable keratin. Otherwise, we bring cystine and methionine, which are sulfur amino acids of keratin” 

Food supplements: zoom on gummies for hair

In the form of capsules or sometimes tasteless powder, food supplements for hair do not delight everyone’s taste buds. It was without counting on gummies. These small fruity candies contain vitamins and minerals and promise to sublimate the hair.

What do you find in hair gummies?

Little rabbits, cubs, hearts, stars … Gummies have the appearance of gelatinous candies with tasty fruit flavors. Beyond making our return to childhood, they have the same functions as food supplements: sublimate the hair by providing vitamins and minerals.

Among the vitamins present in hair gummies, there is vitamin B6 which participates in strengthening the hair fiber; vitamin B8 (also called “biotin”) which regulates sebum production and prevents hair loss; vitamin B12 which renews the hair follicle, vitamin C which strengthens collagen and vitamin D which strengthens hair.

On the mineral side, zinc is doing well. Indeed, this trace element plays a key role in the synthesis of keratin and collagen, two proteins that make up the hair fiber. It thus helps to fight against alopecia , refinement and premature aging of the hair.

Which hair gummies to choose?

The advantage of gummies is that they combine the fun and pleasant side of candy with the qualities of a food supplement. And unlike industrial treats, they do not contain gelatin, lactose, and gluten. As a bonus, they are vegan. From this point of view, therefore, the choice is wide.

Then, to choose the gummies that best suit your needs, you need to know what goals you are aiming for. If you decide to cure Hair Gum Gum of MR. Jeannot, it is the shine and vitality you are looking for for your hair.

If you want faster hair growth, Chewable Hair Vitamins from the Hairbust brand or MaxMedix gummies are the ones to turn to.

Want to test? Here is our selection of hair gummies for you :

1. Chewable Hair Vitamins, Hair Burst

2. Hair Gum Gum, MR. JEANNOT

3. Gummies for hair, skin, and nails, Nature’s Bounty

4. Gummies for hair, skin, and nails, MaxMedix

5. Hair vitamins, SugarBearHair

6. Good Hair, Lashile

How long should my dietary supplement treatment last?

“The hair cycle is very long, it grows for 5 years,” says the expert. She, therefore, advises using food supplements for a period of at least 3 months. “At Forcapil, we conducted a study that shows the best results after 6 months,” she says.

The ideal, by following a cure over 6 months, is that one covers all the telophase responsible for the fall of the hair and which spreads from 3 to 6 months. The first results appear on the nails, which are more resistant and less brittle. Olivia Sciarrone recommends looking carefully at the dosages of the different active ingredients because sometimes the quantities are not sufficient. It also favors pumpkin seed oil, which also acts on the synthesis of testosterone, as well as saw palmetto extract, a kind of small palm tree.


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