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8 Ways to Make Money On Instagram

1. Start building a strong following

Successful social media marketing is almost directly proportional to having a long list of followers.

Whether the number of followers has been earned before or after your marketing efforts has nothing to do with it – you just need a significant amount of Instagram followers! The more you have, the more “seen” you will be, and the greater your chances of turning leads into sales.

There are several ways you can make your followers grow on Instagram. Buy Instagram Likes UK the most effective ways have been highlighted by Melyssa Griffin, tactics like; He likes photos in his niche, socializing, asking people to follow him, holding contests, and more.

Also, don’t forget to go ahead and post to various hashtags in your niche.

2. Continuously give a connect to your blog 

Item connections and connections to your blog are vital with regards to bringing in cash on Instagram!

Every image, video, or anything else you share should include CTAs (in this case, links to your blog or wherever they can buy the item).

Also, be sure to put an item number or tag that can make your purchase easier.

Instagram currently doesn’t allow clickable site links, so for now, users will just have to retype the link in their browser window.

3. Share quality images

Despite the new features, Instagram is and always has been about sharing beautiful pictures.

Nothing will attract your prospects or monetize your account more than beautiful, high-quality images.

Show your devotees what your image is about with pictures that intrigue to their visual faculties. Showcase your products, tell them your brand story, create graphically altered images, and be creative.

If it’s a gym service, for example, it could show images of hot hunks doing their workouts. If it’s a yogurt sales service, share pictures of your product and perhaps other ways you could use that yogurt in recipes.

See how Starbucks does this with jaw-dropping graphics, artistic Starbuck mug images, and their latest coffee creations.

Always be sure to share photos of your latest products. For example, you could be writing a new book. Take a cool cover photo and share it with a release date.

4. Use the video function

If an image is worth a thousand words, then how much is a video worth (consisting of virtually thousands of images)? You do the math!

Thanks to the latest Instagram feature (and the competition with the main rival, Vine) there is an option to share 15-second videos with which you get creative.

Create a personal message for your fans and tell them why you think they should try your new product. Or maybe, you could share an accelerated 15-second process on how to build your creations.

There is no limit to the creativity you can get with video creation!

Check out the best brands on Instagram and Vine for information on how to share videos.

5. Get your fans involved

Many fans and followers are willing to promote their brand just for a small acknowledgment, and of course, a post about them on their profile. This is a great way to engage your followers, as well as outsource quality, original content.

Allow your followers to send their photos with your product, share their “experience” in a video or whatever they want. The best presentations could get discounts on their products, a small reward, or perhaps a small recognition through their brand.

6. Organize contests or events

Make people like your images and follow you because you are organizing a great campaign or event.

Offer exclusive offers for a short period and keep updating your users on how time is running out (urgency works!).

Sharing special promotions or coupons is another way to engage your followers in a contest and turn those opportunities into sales. Ask them to double-tap or tag a friend to get their name in the drawing box.

One of the best benefits of running contests and campaigns on Instagram is that you can create separate hashtags and keep all contributions in one place.

7. Obtain customer testimonials

Have happy customers upload photos or videos of themselves using your product.

There is nothing more compelling than a handful of images, videos, or testimonials that provide social proof.

8. Get an influencer at work for you

If you know a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, you’re a lucky duck!

Not every person has direct access to the Guardianship, not to mention their Instagram profile.

However, other people have a lot of followers on Instagram through Buy Instagram Followers UK who are much more accessible. For example, if you are selling women’s clothing, look for popular influence online.


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