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8 Community Manager techniques to recruit Instagram followers

300 million daily users, 400 million active users per month, 90% of the biggest brands, 3.5 billion daily clicks, 80 million photos shared per day … Here are the performances of Instagram! The goal is not to make you dizzy, but to make you aware of the importance of this social network in your strategy.

Faced with the mass of publications shared daily on the platform, how to stand out in order to grow your community day by day?

Here are 8 concrete actions to implement to develop your audience.

1) Collaborate with influencers

The brands most followers on Instagram are very often those who have understood the importance of setting up influence operations with Instagram recognized in their sector.

They are called nano-influencers, micro-influencers or Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and bring a new form of authenticity and more notoriety to a potential client audience is chosen beforehand.

2) Collaborate with other brands

Collaborating with other brands through partnerships, sponsorships or contests is an ingenious solution to extend your reach on Instagram. The ideal is to rely on brands with values ​​similar to yours.

For example, the Bloom flower box partnered with a perfumer for a competition. The choice is logical, because the target of the two brands is female, potentially attracted by floral and trendy perfumes.

This tactic helps add value to your audience while reaching new audiences.

3) Study hashtags and use them effectively

Hashtags play an important role in Instagram. Using good hashtags exposes your publications to a wider and targeted audience. The same goes for geolocation tags that open your visibility to a local audience.

For example, the IKEA France account always adds hashtags to its visuals, related to the decoration and the universe of the house:

As for the official Mercure hotels account, it geolocates the locations corresponding to its publications, to show that there are establishments all over the world.

4) Comment on publications with the right hashtags

A good method to get known in a qualified context is to comment on the publications of potential prospects. How to detect them?

Quite simply by carrying out a watch using hashtags. For example, you want to make yourself known to amateur gardeners.

Do a simple search with terms like “gardening” “garden” “jaimejardiner” and see the results:

Then take the time to comment authentically on each photo to make yourself known to these people.

An approach that requires work but that requires no advertising budget.

5) Publish at least once a day

On Instagram, profiles that post at least 7 times a week attract more followers and engagement. It was the Tailwind marketing tool that made this revelation after a study carried out in 2017 on more than 100,000 profiles.

Every post has value on Instagram. The more you post, the more visible and engaging you are. As a result, your visuals appear more often in the news feed, as well as in hashtag search results.

6) Share stories

Instagram stories are a real success with users. As this graph from MediaKix demonstrates, the number of Internet users who view these ephemeral publications daily continues to grow:

In addition, stories benefit from better visibility than conventional publications. To start, they appear at the top of the home page:

Then, they now appear in hashtag searches, provided you have used this one, of course!

7) Use advertising

There are two great ways to advertise on Instagram:

  • publication boosts
  • setting up a campaign

I talk about it in the video below:

I really advise you to go through the professional module of advertising campaigns accessible via Facebook because it is much more professional and allows many more targeting opportunities.

8) Learn from your statistics

Buy Instagram followers Insights provides important data to optimize your profile strategy. These statistics allow you to know the publications that your subscribers appreciate the most, the days and hours of connection of your community, the profile of your followers, the performance of your stories…

To access this data, you must have a professional account. Then, you will have access to it from your profile, to the right of your username.


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