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Undoubtedly, the internet is the best invention of the modern-day world which has taken us miles ahead of our time because of its existence. With the availability of the internet around us, we are able to make our lives so much easier and stress-free, reducing so many distances and tasks. The only drawback which is experienced during modern times is our neglecting attitude towards the real usage of the internet. We have all been so engrossed within social media that we have forgotten the actual reason for the invention of the internet and the wide-scale uses its stores in itself for us. There is so much more to the internet than just roaming around social media websites and we want you to discover the 7 best of those websites that can be helpful to you other than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  1. QUORA is one of the best and authentic online platform available on the internet where literally all sorts of questions are answered by a multiple number of people including experts and the general public as well. From your school homework questions to home remedies to solutions to the world problems and to your over thinking, quora has amazing answers to all of your queries. You can ask it about what Leather Jackets are trending these days and we bet the site will bring the top options in front. So, instead of conducting baseless instagram polls to solve your queries, you should look up to such reliable sources.

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    The world is becoming a global village with the passage of time and to keep up with the pace of the world’s success, it has somewhat become important for us to be acquainted with the popular languages of the world which is usually considered a time taking and stressful task. To make it extremely easy for you, is here for your help which is an authentic option for you to choose for any language you wish to learn and get command at. With some of the easiest ways and tutorials, this website will help you learn your desired language with a short time which is why it is superb and amazing.

  • TED
    It is embedded in human nature that listening to inspiring stories of other people and relating with them help us grow and evolve as a person which is why it is therapeutic to listen to successful people and get motivation from their struggles in life to achieve what we want. To bring this facility to your homes and in your comfort zones, is an absolutely fantastic website that you can scroll through where you will find some of the biggest names of the world casually narrating the harsh stories of their life bringing immense motivation and inspiration to drive you towards your goals.

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    Over thinking about life and being superstitious is undoubtedly the favorite activity of this generation which is nothing but extremely saddening. We tend to put our faith in fabricated horoscopes and stress about them putting excessive strain on our minds. Only if we give social media a break and navigate around, we can come across some fantastic platforms such as which is extraordinary solution to all your psychological problems and queries. With the help of some professionals, this website is super reliable and trustworthy and will help you reduce your mental stress and be a little more opening and positive about all that ever worries you.

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    People like me who are extremely confused with anything they do and doubt if they are doing it correctly are in dire need of websites like which is a phenomenal place for people like me. The website has a number of ways describing how to do a certain task no matter how dumb it may be. With the help of quality graphics, descriptions and comprehensive video tutorials, the website has in store for you ways for every problem and so you should definitely visit it!

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    When you are free and have nothing to do, instead of wasting time and energy on toxic social media platforms, one should resort to cooking some delicious food to bring ease to your mind and stomach as well. is the website that should be your go-to in this regard as it has some finger licking recipes of yummy and easy-to-cook foods described in proper details. Even if you aren’t really in cooking, this website will turn you into an expert for sure.

  • Mjackets
    Over the past few years, to our fortune, e-commerce has been flourishing like anything providing us with numerous platforms to shop online and be blessed with those fantastic outfits without even forcing our legs to move out. One such amazing place is which is a place for movie freaks as it offers replicated attires of your favorite characters from your favorite movies, TV shows and games. Be it the best Black Leather Jacket or the much demanded Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket, you will find all of them here in the best possible quality at the most affordable of prices.  

Conclusively, excessive use of anything can be dangerous and so is the case with social media which can get extremely toxic if over used. Therefore, there is so much more on the internet to explore other than social media. Few of those multiple options are listed above and we promise to bring you much more to open up to the wonders the facility of the internet has brought to us.


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