2020 top tips to put together a seating plan and organize your guests

In the past, guests came to a wedding and had to search their names on long lists without grace. That is already history. Although it is one of the most complicated concepts to carry out, the seating plan is very practical and decorative.

The seating plan is at first sight when accessing the reception, therefore it must be in accordance with the wedding style and decoration. Among so many preparations, some concepts are aimed at the bride or groom, such as the wedding hairstyle, the groom look or the rental of the wedding dress, other concepts such as the wedding cake and the menu are more neutral. Nothing results in something as complex as organizing the guests and solving the seating plan. Tricks and tips.

1. What is it?

They will have heard or will know of spouses who went through the time of organizing how their guests would sit. It is a process that can give you a headache or be quite fun, depending on how you tackle this task. It is about putting together an outline that indicates which is the table that each diner plays. There are many ways to design it and today it is part of the wedding decoration.

2. Practical and decorative

Most of the bride and groom implement this detail as practical as it is decorative, especially when it comes to a very formal, busy wedding, with assigned seats and long party dresses, or simply to best accommodate all diners and achieve a very harmonious environment. It is very fun for the guests to look up their names and see who they have as neighbors.

3. The tables and the guests

They should have a fairly defined list of the guests attending, and while it sounds cold, also a list of possible replacements. Once you know the arrangement of the tables in the chosen room to share the original wedding cake and how many people can be seated, it is time to start distributing to the guests. For some tables the seating plan is ruled out; This is the case of the imperial ones, the familiar horseshoe tables or the spaces with a casual style and simple party dresses.

4. Limousine Transportation

Although years ago the bride and groom did not care so much about how to get to their wedding ceremony, today the need to do it in style grows. That is why companies like limo lux are born, a compendium of dreams come true for the couple who want to stand out. With the soul of the limousine, its ability to make nostalgic people and those who demand luxury fall in love is unstoppable.

The motor world is very wide, but limousine is capable of dazzling anyone, even those who do not usually enjoy speed. In the case of limo lux, the taste for classic cars goes several steps further, playing with love and passion, as seen in the craftsmanship of each of its products.

And it is that their project is born precisely from this unconditional love that they have been in charge of transporting to all the bride and groom who intend to make a triumphal entry on their great day. They have been in business for 10 years with which they get excited day by day, offering luxury, comfort and a strict protocol service to suit each of the events.

5. Affinity patterns

The table organizer on our portal is easy to use and you can quickly seat the recipients of the original wedding cards on the table plan with a few clicks. With paper and pencil, handy is also fun. Use colored post-it stickers to assign to different groups. It is a methodical and visual classification that allows us to set up tables with affinity patterns, whether they are family, friends, work or study colleagues, closer or more distant.

6. Coherence and common sense

In this division by groups, they must then assess the affinity between people. Perhaps there are relatives who do not get along or distant cousins ​​more like uncles than friends. Another case occurs with smaller groups of friends or acquaintances who do not have points in common or people who do not belong to any group. This is the most critical time when common sense and consistency must be applied to preserve harmony and make all guests feel comfortable at their tables.

7. Design and location

As a decorative element, it must follow the same line as the rest of the wedding concepts. You decide on the classic, eclectic, vintage or thematic style. The seating plan is one of the elements with the greatest possibilities of personalizing and identifying with names of movies, cities, emotions, flowers and infinite options. They can present it with individual or group labels, located somewhere always visible and spacious.

Also, determine the decorative elements that accompany the seating plan. A chalkboard is a more economical way, considering simple savings ideas such as opting for a used wedding dress or planning DIY crafts such as wedding souvenirs.


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