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10 ways to like and followers on IG without apps

1. Routine Posting of Quality Instagram Content

Routine posts are not appropriate every day. Routine in the sense of scheduled words. Once a week for example. Also, the content that you post on Instagram must have a decent quality to be able to double-tap (like) a lot. Pour your creative ideas, don’t waste it.

The quality of Instagram content is judged not only in terms of the good camera you use but the art that is created. Post photos or videos that can pamper your followers. Post according to the niche of your choice, so that IG content is directed.

2. Instagram Post Optimization

Every time you post a photo or video on Instagram, make sure it’s fully optimized. Optimization is done to increase the reach so that your IG posts are found by others. Especially if you are building a business. How to optimize Instagram posts that are good and right? Here is the best way to optimize Instagram posts so that you get lots of followers and likes without bots.

a. Relevant hashtags

#Hashtags on Instagram posts work so others can find your IG account in the same context (niche). Use hashtags according to the photo/video or IG story you posted. There are several tips and tricks about how to correct hashtags on IG:

  • Look for the hashtags that are used by your business competitors.
  • Use specific hashtags and avoid general hashtags
  • Don’t use the same hashtags for each post in a row
  • Save your hashtags later

b. Add Location Tag

Other Instagram users usually find inspiration for a good photo by looking at the location tag. Adding location tags to your posts is an effective way of Instagram optimization so that your IG posts are touched by others. 

c. Write Interesting Caption

The caption is like an explanation from Instagram posts. Write a caption that can attract followers to read. Caption writing does not have to belong but sufficient and add what you want to convey through the caption.

3. SEO Account Optimization Instagram

After Instagram post optimization, Instagram account optimization is also necessary. You do this by changing the name of your profile account on your Instagram bio and adding keywords. 

The addition of the Bekasi Cat Lover word related to SEO. If someone else searches for the word Bekasi Cat Lover on Instagram, it’s likely Lukman Hakim’s Instagram profile -Cat Lover. Bekasiwill appear in the search. This is very helpful in building your business brand.

4. Reply to Comments and DM Instagram

If there are comments on photos that you post on Instagram, it helps you reply to comments within 30 minutes after posting. This indicates that you are not merely posting content but want to interact with your followers. So they don’t unfollow your IG account, just reply to their DM without using a bot. 

5. Instagram Post Time

You have to know the pattern of your Instagram fans or audience online. Use the Insights Instagram feature and note when the best posting time is. So that when you post a photo, the number of likes you will receive is potentially more.

Understanding the time pattern of Instagram posts is very important. Because, if you post content while your followers are sleeping, the post will sink and will affect the number of likes received.

6. Share Instagram Posts to Story

Whatever your post is on Instagram, don’t forget to share it on Instagram stories. Because the activity of IG users besides viewing feeds is checking Instagram stories. Thus you have given a sneak-peek for your followers to be interested in seeing the post.

Occasionally use IG stickers or polls to allow interaction with fans/followers. This is to find out whether your IG followers are active or passive. If you are active followers, potential IG story that contains your new posts likely be reshared (reshare).

7. IG’s Comments and Like of Others

The proverb says what you reap, that which you will plant. If you want to get comments and likes on your Instagram posts, comment, and like others’ posts. This is a kind of symbiotic mutualism.

You can like to post other people’s IG accounts in a niche or if you are building an online business, don’t forget to leave relevant comments with an invitation to view your business’s Instagram profile.

8. Instagram Account Promotion 

If you already have fans on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Then promote your Instagram account. Promotions between platforms are very effective for gaining new followers. In addition to social media platforms, use forum sites to promote your Instagram account. It’s better not to spam, but make a post or content that will later lead to your IG profile. 

9. Make an Instagram Public Account

It’s clear that if you want to get lots of likes and followers, then make your Instagram personal account in public mode, not private. So that other people can judge the content of your postsDo not forget to also create an Instagram business account, if you are building an online-based business that relies on Instagram as a promotional medium. So that you get the convenience and benefits, as well as the coffers of money, won.

10. Collaboration and Instagram Ads

If you have an acquaintance with a celebrity, there is nothing wrong with being collaborated or if you are charged a fee, then you have the right to pay. Because celebrity is the best influencer to boost your Instagram followers like a rocket.

Many ways are done to get lots of likes and followers. Organic tastes better than buying. Because besides being fake you can’t get anything other than the number of digits. All that requires a process, nothing is Instant.

So from the article 10 Tips on How to Get Lots of Likes and Followers onBuy cheap Instagram likes. I hope it is useful for you.


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