10 Fun Facts about Chicago You Didn’t know!

There are so many awesome facts about Chicago that it’s not possible to know them all! This incredible city is among the topmost travel destinations in the world and not just the US. Whatever your interest – music, fashion, or food – be sure to find it in Chicago! Whether you’re digging into Chicago facts history or simply looking out for some fun facts about Chicago, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the most interesting things about Chicago you probably didn’t know about!

Chicago Fun Facts to Know:

Read through our list of some of the most interesting facts about Chicago below. Some of them find mention in Chicago travel guides as well. The next time you make a trip to Chicago, even an emergency one on last minute flights, let these insanely cool facts be a reminder of how awesome it truly is!

1. It isn’t called the ‘Windy City because of the weather

The truth about the nickname that goes as far back as the 1800’s is among the top 10 facts about Chicago you didn’t know. The real reason Chicago is called the Windy city is owing to its ‘windbag’ (or boastful) politicians. So the next time this interesting topic comes up, don’t hesitate to enlighten those around you.

2. You can view four states from the Willis Tower Skydeck

Formerly known as Sears Tower, this is among the tallest buildings across the world. The Skydeck here offers spectacular views of about four different states – Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana. This is among the top things Chicago is famous for. If you’re not afraid of heights, do pay the Willis Tower a visit when in Chicago.

3. Its home to a river that flows backward

We bet this is among the 10 facts about Chicago you didn’t know. The absolutely gorgeous Chicago River used to once flow like normally. To redirect sewage flow away from the stunning Lake Michigan, the flow of Chicago River was reversed by the officials.

4. The airports have really awesome policies on drinks

Possibly one of the Chicago weird facts, Midway and O’hare airports in Chicago permit travelers to move around the terminal with a beer in hand. You can get one in a plastic cup from one of the airport bars and take it all the way to the gate! Alcohol aficionados won’t need more convincing than this to book economy or business class flights to Chicago!

5. The city has a weird connection with ‘bears’

This is among the best and most unique facts about Chicago you probably didn’t know. Did you know that the very first animal brought into the Zoo here was a bear cub? Shortly after, the Chicago football team was christened the bears while the baseball team was called the cubs. Cool, isn’t it? This is a good fact to include in your Chicago trivia questions when playing a quiz game.

6. It was famously (or infamously) home to dreaded mobster Al Capone

During the 1920’s, mob boss Al Capone made over $50 million trading in illegal liquor. Also, one of the weird facts about Chicago’s erstwhile mob boss you probably didn’t know was that he was rumored to operate a ‘torture’ dungeon. Another of the Chicago Weird facts related to Capone is that when he was finally caught, he was charged with tax evasion.

7. The city is home to the biggest Dinosaur skeleton in the world

If you happen to be a Dino-fan, then this is among the topmost interesting facts about Chicago. Pay a visit to the Field Museum if you want to look at the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the world. It’s also among the best-preserved ones ever and has been named Sue after the person who discovered it.

8. The rail system is not called the subway in Chicago

One of the most fun facts about Chicago most visitors don’t know is that the rail system here is called the “L.” The name is an abbreviation of the word elevated. It’s good for first-timers to know this as it might leave them confused and wondering if the “L” was a landmark.

9. Chicago was the first to invent many things

What do the Playboy, Ferris Wheel, spray paint, the Twinkie, the zipper, and the vacuum cleaner have in common? They were all invented in Chicago! This is among the most interesting facts about Chicago most people don’t know. Also, if you’ve ever had the deep dish pizza, know that that was invented in Chicago as well! Visit Chicago and enjoy the most authentic version of it.

10. Chicago hosts one of the biggest food festivals in the world

The Taste of Chicago is among the biggest and most famous outdoor food festivals in the world. It’s among the top reasons to book discount flights to USA for a Chicago trip! Not just among the best fun facts about Chicago but this festival is among the top things Chicago is famous for as well. Visit and enjoy a plate of the very best Chicago food under the bright summer sun!


Description – Check out 10 unique facts about Chicago you probably didn’t know! Have Chicago trivia questions answered such as why it is called the Windy City and which 4 states can be seen from Willis Tower Skydeck. Learn most fun facts about Chicago right here!

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